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MSNBC – Altercation: “They may think they would, but once the folks who ran Bush’s campaign in South Carolina last time around get ahold of this issue, they won’t. When it comes to the politics of religious prejudice, you can certainly fool some of the people all of the time. “Oh I get it. It is not Kerry’s advanced secularism, his views on homosexuals, or abortion. What will sink Kerry is that he is Catholic! Conservatives hate Catholics? If it were not for that Pat Robertson and his life time of friendship with Catholic leaders, the rest of us would know that secretly every evangelical church holds an anti-papist rally every weekend. I work at a leading evangelical school with strong differences with Rome. I share those differences. I have never, ever heard any anti-Catholic bigotry. Who is Alterman talking to?Where did that leave my Dad, a priest in the Anglican tradition, over the weekend? He was in clericals and was mocked and cursed by the Alterman crowd all weekend. No respect. No courtesy for even his physical handicap. Just hatred for the clothe and church.

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