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MSNBC – Jesse Jackson rebuffed on mediation offer: “The family of a 20-year-old Army private has ‘respectfully declined’ an offer from Jesse Jackson to travel to Iraq to try to negotiate his release, Pentagon officials told NBC News on Monday. “Jesse Jackson continues on his record setting quest to become the most useless man in America. What has he ever done other than thrust himself into the spot light based on other people’s achievements? Exactly who does he lead? For whom does he speak? He can still command a story on MSNBC when his cry for attention is rebuffed. Compare his state to that of Jim Bakker of PTL Club fame. Both handled money in questionable ways. Jackson still does. For that, Bakker went to jail and Jackson keeps shaking down companies. Both suffered sex scandals, Jackson’s including fathering a child. Bakker was ruined. Jackson keeps pontificating. Jackson does not repent, he attacks his accusers.Jesse Jackson is a hypocrite, the sort of white washed tomb that gives the ministry a bad name. It is not that he sins. God knows I have needed forgiveness for sin. It is that he goes on sinning without true repentance. Come on gang: what level of Purgatory or Hell is Reverend Jackson headed for if he does not straighten up?

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