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Christians Reach Out To Muslims: “Aziz Mekouar, Morocco’s ambassador to the United States, welcomes the group’s effort: ‘My point of view is, there are lots of misperceptions on both sides, and I think it’s good that people get together,’ he said. ‘Here in the U.S., people have absolutely not the slightest idea what Islam is. It’s coming from the same revelation, the same scriptures, and they don’t know that. . . . On the other side, people didn’t know what evangelicals are, and they saw a bunch of nice people wanting to do good.’ “Seemingly clueless evangelical leaders no one has heard of head off to do harm to the cause of Christ. (We can only hope the press has misunderstood the mission. See the recent LA Times blog.) Note the Islamic leader keeps his eye on the ball. He claims Islam and Christianity have the “same revelation.” If the “evangelical leaders” agree to that, then they are not evangelical. If they don’t agree, then they will be viewed as hating Islam in the end. Here is my idea for Islamic relations: let’s send them lots of missionaries before they end up where Dante put Mohammad.

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