Essay / Uncategorized – Times Movie News: “In a Year of Passion, an Added Sheen for EasterBy Larry B. StammerBELIEFS: Interest in Jesus’ story, fueled in part by Mel Gibson’s hit film, is expected to draw unusually large crowds to Sunday services”Are reporters well educated? Do they have a clue about the things on which they write? Or do they have pre-written stories? If you are in doubt whether at the LA Time facts checking is a lost art, read this witless story. Larry Stammer has discovered that a great many people are Christians. In trying to make sense of the whole thing, he is artless about the religious world. So he presses his macro key, provided by the LA Times, and writes the standard hog wash about religion. He manages to have a totally tin ear. To cite one example, he describes my institution Biola University as a “fundamentalist” school. This will come as a shock to the fundamentalists who denounce Biola as apostate having sold out for the “lure” of being, well, a University. (Google it for yourself!) I supposed we sold out so that folk like Larry Stammer would not confuse us with fundamentalists. (Ah, so often we are like Esau, only we never get the pottage!) There are many fine fundamentalist institutions, Biola is just not one of them. Now this seems like a small point to an outsider, but it is as offensive and ignorant as confusing Orthodox and Reformed Jewish communities. Of course, no one would doubt the LA Times is capable of that as well. Just don’t trust the paper.

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