Essay / Uncategorized > stories > christchurch and upton: “headspace has five core principles or values that form the ethos of the community. They are transparency; connections; reflection and dialogue; recreation and love and life.”Now there is the message of Jeremiah, Amos, and the Gospels. And Jesus said to his disciples, “Let us have some recreation. Let us be transparent with each other.” When the next generation comes along and has a good laugh at all this vocabulary, who will be there to help the emergent church burn-outs? You’ve got it: Saint Michael down the street with the quiet and wise Oxford trained parish priest who has seen it all before from the sixties to now or Grace E.Free next door with the vibrant theologians and real community life. Just like in the days of the Jesus People. Hidden in all the emergent church agit-prop is this fact: they are small and stay small. They cater to the burned out, upper class, college educated Christian hurt by some form of normative Christianity. Instead of helping them return to the actual Church (where is the BOCP in this Anglican parish?), they are placed in a little hot house where they can be themselves. Normative churches force you to deal with children and old people, plumbers and dons. They have liturgies that change slowly, organically, and spiritual practices that are part of the heritage of the place in which they find themselves.The emergent church isn’t.

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