Essay / Uncategorized – Politics – White House Releases PDBWe now know that the White House was not asleep at the switch. Bush was finding out what the problems were and starting to deal with them. He requested a frank appraisal of the world’s risks and got it. Sadly, there was too little time to deal with all the risks. The important thing to remember is this fact which must be burned into all our minds: Bin Laden WAS NOT and IS NOT the only threat to American security. The madman in South Korea is one. The fanatics of Iran are another. We used to have to fear the Butcher of Baghdad who had already tried to kill a president. After eight years of security neglect by the Arkansas Alcibiades, one threat got through. To focus only on that threat while eliminating it would be suicide. We are in a world war.George Bush knows it. John Kerry does not.

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