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Touchstone Magazine – Mere Comments: “In the past year there were more than 600 homicides in Chicago, and most of them were gang (and drug) related.”Young people die in Chicago from the breakdown of family, church, and morals. Doubt it? Ask a liberal critic how many of these young men and women were active Church goers, virgins or in intact marriages, with married mothers and fathers. Find poor people who go to Church, are chaste, in traditional families. How are they doing? What is their trajectory? We all know the answer. Morality works. Immorality fails. Do they want to blame racism? Racism is bad and I am glad it is gone, but ask what the murder rate in segregated Chicago was. Racism did not cause family breakdown in the past. Why are white families being destroyed? Why has the murder rate gone up in places like West Virginia? If you die because the culture of pornography destroyed your family, the left yawns. If you choose to go defend your country and advance freedom in Iraq, and you die, the left calls it a tragedy and wishes to finish off the President. I say the tragedy is the cultural destruction produced by the same people who now suggest gay marriage will be good for us. They have been wrong about everything else. Why trust them now?

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