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The New Republic Online: Just Like Us (1 of 2): “France’s most celebrated soldier of the eighteenth century, the Marchal de Saxe, once observed that he did not really believe in battles, and thought skillful commanders could win wars simply by outmaneuvering their opponents. He and his fellow nobles fought for limited political aims against adversaries whom they considered honorable equals. The French Revolution swept away this sort of warfare, unleashing huge conscript armies, toppling regimes left and right, and making it incumbent on commanders not merely to outmaneuver but to annihilate their enemies. “For those who think Christianity is the cause of the horror of war, let me suggest a close reading of history. Christianity never has been comfortable with war. Christians bow the knee, after all, to the Prince of Peace. It is modernity that brings us total war where there are no rules. Christians had reduced war to an almost comic opera thing, before declining faith gave men new gods. Napoleon was such a god, Sadaam another. Somewhere in his cave Bin Laden is a third. Against them fights a Texas gentleman, well bred and true, who will not stoop to any deed. He is so just that it costs him. If he was the monster his foes imagined, they would not be imagining anymore. Instead, he fights on with his brave army. God save the President of the United States.

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