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MSNBC – Bush Is to BlameBefore getting excited that your child is accepted at an “elite” University, read this article. Delivering your child to the state university system is akin to giving your children as a sacrifice to Moloch. According to the writer/student, the pornographic pictures and abuse of terrorists is the fault of Bush and his morality. Let’s see. It could not be that the free ability to access disgusting images on which the abuse is modeled on the Internet undermined their morals. It could not be that a “culture of death” (celebrated at Berkeley) undermines respect for human life. No, it is Christian morality that is to blame as if Bush and just war theory make prison abuse more, not less likely. The Berkeley student might want to examine where standards for treating prisoners of war came from. A really tough question: where did the Red Cross get its name? (Hint: not from the symbol for a modern ethics department.) Here is the problem. We live in a dangerous world where war will be necessary. Pacifism is unworkable for a society as it leaves the pacifist society at the mercy of barbarians. War leads to difficult moral situations. Christianity provides a way of making those difficult moral situations. The left has banned Christianity from education. So now we have functional pacifists at Berkeley, who would be the first to die if the terrorists win, who cannot fight. They are defended by many Christians who view the world through a moral prism and try to win hearts and minds while fighting. They are also defended by post-Christians who believe in fighting but have been taught (just like the Berkeley people) a self-centered humanism too weak for war time. But we can settle all of this: let’s propose a study. I will apologize to Berkeley if the average abusive guard is a practicing Christian (church weekly or nearly weekly). They should apologize to America if the average abusive guard lives (in their private lives) like the average Berkeley student.

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