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Virtual camp for killers (Internet – The new Afghanistan): “Their appeal is far-reaching. Visiting a chat room this week on an extremist Islamic website, this newspaper met an Australian web designer wanting to get his hands on a video called The Nineteen Martyrs. In the video, bin Laden eulogises the 19 hijackers responsible for the September 11 attacks; it also contains pictures of them training in military camps. “Remember: the West has bad people in it who shame their noble cause by their actions. Much of this evil comes from our personal misuse of liberty. Our government does not make us misuse that liberty. Bin Laden and company represent the focus of evil in the modern world, the forces of anti-Christ in our age. They hate the Church and the Lamb. They do evil deeds officially and praise them. These men hate liberty and love slavery. The War for the West has begun. Will you vote for the man who tells Bin Laden to bring it on or the man who tells Bush to bring it on?

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