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MSNBC – Islamic Web site claims revenge killingYesterday Edward Kennedy compared our bad treatment of prisoners with Sadaam and his thugs. Today we saw how utterly facile Mr. Kennedy’s comparison was. Some rogue elements of the US Army, aided by inept commanders, humiliated Iraqi captives. Our nation will punish them swiftly and compensate the victims. Today our foes executed a non-combatant in cold blood and broadcast it for his family to see. They will go on killing until stopped. They glory in their evil which they view as a great good. Burn it into your brain. Useful idiots of great evil compare the wrongs of a democracy to the rampages of tyrants to weaken our will in the great fight. It happens every day. Israel is a democracy that does wrong things. . . but the wrong she does is nothing, nothing compared to the terrorists who torment her. Radical Islam is an evil like Marxist-Leninism and Fascism. It is red with the blood of innocents.

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