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Many leftists in Christianity actually have no ideology. Their opinions are formed in reaction to the dominant conservative culture. “Christians do not have to be Republicans!” they cry. Like the good Uncle Tony, they bow and scrape to dominant secular culture while lauding their own courage in resisting the evangelical sub-culture they despise. They talk a great deal about the need to destroy the sub-culture, not because they want to see the rest of the culture become Christian, but out of their loathing of most people in the pews. They don’t love Christ’s sheep; they want to give them a good thrashing. Why do I say there is no ideology? Most of these folk simply want to be left alone to live their self-centered lives. Any strong point of view requires hard labor that would require mental discipline and sacrifice. The new leftists do not want to read their Marx in German; they simply read a few hundred pages in English translation and then outgrow Marx. They flit from movement to movement seeing through everyone and everything. This advanced cynicism allows them to go on sinful lives they can think heroic. Even their vices are protests against the dominant hypocritical culture. They will not be hypocrites. They will sin boldly. As a result, they mostly harm themselves as age gradually reduces their burning rage to a guttural whine. They become the incarnation of what is left when the angry, young man is merely angry.In short, the new leftist Christian is intellectual lazy, substituting cheap cynicism for careful thought. They are frequently crude, which can conveniently cover up their flagging cultural growth and act as a protest against convention. These f-word evangelicals behave as if their Christ died on the cross to give them the right to give the finger to the system. How should a Christian react to these types of leftist? One can oppose their intellectual laziness and crudity forcefully in general. In individual cases, one must love and not despise. One cannot feel superior to these lost sheep, but at the same time one cannot have much to do with them. God calls us to minister to the worst sinners in the non-Christian world, but to pull away from the Christian in sin who goes on sinning boldly. Arguments will never persuade this crowd. One can only hope that reality deals them a soft enough blow that there is time and energy for recovery.

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