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Has anyone considered that American troops are showing the corrosive impact of a culture of pornography? Moral relativism drilled into young heads in high school is dangerous in war time when hard decisions have to be made. Give a person with no moral compass a great deal of power over other persons and bad things can happen.Most of our troops are not engaged in wicked acts like these few, but bad actions by a few can hurt the many. Society used to understand this fact. The many gave up their rights to certain entertainments to protect the weak. It is long past time for moral education to be restored to schools. Political and religious speech need absolute protection under our constitution. However, given the damage it is doing to our moral order, it is time to overturn the historically revisionist protection of lewd speech. Society would not suffer if censorship of the sort we saw on television and movies in the fifties were restored. Communities have a right to protect themselves and their children.

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