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Divine Comedy (We press downward.) Hunger and weariness do not deter us. The group has caught a second wind. Everyone is here now and we have hit a peek of participation. The images of Inferno are captivating. Instead of using them as good children to grow up and out of them the temptation is remain stuck in them. Alex points out that the person trapped by usury scorns nature and is trapped in his art. He does not grow, he merely gains money. The art of education may be what we love and not true education. Some folk love being in school, but they do not love learning. They love the props of learning (pipe, books, tweed jacket in my fantasy world) and not the hard work of pursuing the logos. By 91, Dante has faith in the process. He asks Virgil as the Sun to resolved a question he has. He no longer is made immobile by his fears. He is made active and able to continue. He is pleased by the enlightenment that comes from Virgil. Virgil has brought light to Hell and at the end of the canto also knowledge of the stars. Hell is becoming preparation for something higher. We don’t appreciate the stars. AG points out that the stars “make distance near.” It allows us to see beyond and other. The sun does not even do this for us. I think the stars are so important in part because (unlike the moon) they are unchanging, beautiful, orderly, light, that is beyond.

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