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Did Reagan win the Cold War? Yes.When he started, the Soviets projected confidence and we looked to be in decline. When Reagan finished, the Soviets were finished. Was this luck? Was it an accident? Given that Reagan said that this is what would happen this seems improbable. If he was lucky, he was also a prophet. What he said would happen did happen. Historical revisionists will discover macro-economic-political-demographic-blah-blah-blah that ended the Soviet Union. However, the same smart folk were saying that the Soviets would last forever and that opposing them was foolish before the fall of the Berlin Wall. When I was in graduate school, my professors believed Reagan was naive to think a system that killed twenty-two million people was evil. For all I know they still think it, but now the Soviet Union is gone and Russia is a better place. John Kerry and the left were saying we were all doomed. We had to have a freeze on nuclear weapons. Reagan said the economy would boom with tax cuts. It did. He said we would win with “peace through strength.” We did. Ronald Reagan was right. He won. Liberal academics have to deal with it.

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