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We will win the war in Iraq if we simply are patient. Open societies are vibrant and make better fighters. However much foolhardy courage the terrorists may show, they lack the worldview to produce the technology or sustaining power to defeat us. We are Athens engaged in a struggle with a moribund Sparta. The Spartans were fine warriors, but lived in a closed and inflexible society. Athenians lived in a vibrant society that was the most democratic the world knew until Christianity extended humanity to all by making all men brothers. Sparta could not beat Athens without a failure of will and belief on the part of the Athenians (and some really bad luck in Athens). The election of John Kerry is the only hope of the terrorists, not of course because he is a friend of terror, but because his party lacks the will to finish the fight. Kerry himself is no fool, but his party is the ship of fools. They are determined to lose this war, because it is the only way they can prove themselves right. They are forever refighting Vietnam and learning lessons from it. They sail on endlessly pretending the sixties never ended. They are right about nothing. Rising gas prices ended “no blood for oil.” They predicted a tough fight in Iraq and America won a lightening victory. We rule a nation the size of California for a year and lose fewer than one thousand lives and they call it a debacle. What occupation has ever gone better? Kerry is morally bankrupt so he will heed the demands of the men who would make him president. If he is stopped, peace will come to the Middle East, because the terrorists know they will not last four more years of Bush. The “Spartans,” the forces of terror, are even more outmanned than the ancient ones. They have mentally hardly entered the fourteenth century let alone the twenty-first. Only our moral weaknesses or impatience can defeat us. Every day new schools are opened, one person buys a television, or begins to work in the new government. Every moment terror holds back people who are learning to resent the terrorists and are gaining hope in a new free Iraq that they can see coming. Athens can lose to Sparta, but only if Athens stops believing in leaders who can lead them to victory.

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