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A Widow's Heartfelt Farewell (Nancy Reagan)

A Widow’s Heartfelt Farewell (Nancy Reagan): “Honorary pallbearer Merv Griffin told friends that on the ride from the funeral home Monday to the Ronald Reagan Library in California, Mrs. Reagan told him she was moved and surprised by the public outpouring. Traffic in the opposite direction stopped, and people jumped from their cars to wave at the motorcade. ‘I thought they forgot Ronnie,’ she said, ‘because nobody had seen him for 10 years.’ “Never, Mrs. Reagan. Old men may die and young men become old, but so long as the Republic endures we will remember. We know the old order must change, giving way to the new, lest even the best of men and legendary rulers be corrupted, but we will never forget that once from the West came a cowboy. Once there was a president who never dishonored his office and honored the men who served him. Once there was a kind and gentle man who ended an Evil Empire and set millions free. Wicked men are remembered for a time, but good men live forever. The American people will never forget Ronald Wilson Reagan. So the old order changes, and gives way to the new, and good has come of it. George W. Bush holds the Old Man’s legacy untarnished and it is better so. But we will never forget the first and greatest of the President of many of our lifetimes and we will tell our children the story of his time and their children. God speed, Mrs. Reagan.

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