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Adrian Warnock's UK Evangelical Blog: And the winner of the first ever "warnie" blogger award is…..

Adrian Warnock’s UK Evangelical Blog: And the winner of the first ever “warnie” blogger award is…..: “The first ever ‘Warnie’ blogger award goes to Dr John Mark Reynolds for a great all round blog which deserves much more attention than it currently gets. Covering the war on terror, philosophy, creation, Star Trek and a host of other subjects I love it. Dr Reynolds is a professor of philosophy and I can’t recommend his blog enough.Please do mention his award on your own blog, and submit your own blog for the next ‘Warnie’ award ceremony which will happen as and when I feel that a worthy candidate has arrived.You will hear more of Dr Reynolds blog in the future, why not be a part of expediating the rise to blogging stardom that I suspect is inevitable.”(The following is my acceptance speech at the Warnock “Warnie” awards ceremony held at the Bird and Baby. Sadly, my fashion statement for the evening was widely panned. . . “Tweed a Trite and Over Done Warnie Wear” was the headline in the Sun. . . but the walk down to Narnia (as the walk to get the award is often called by winners) was a thrill. I have removed the usual throat clearings, but hope my nervous energy is conveyed.)Ahem.I would like to thank the members of the Warnock UK Evangelical Blog Academy for presenting me this award. When a man begins blogging, sitting in his jams on a winter morning, he does not think of where it might lead him. Then one day he wakes up and his betters have said, “Well done.” When I think of Jolly Blogger, Evangelical Outpost (I love you Marvin!), and all the other greater blogs that are out there, my own efforts seems small. That is the great thing about the Warnie awards. We stand on the shoulders of giants. Since my first-born is named “Lewis,” getting an award named for the brother of Saint Jack, is especially moving to me. Since reading Adrian Warnock’s blog and receiving this award, I also feel much closer to him. This is the first blog award I have ever won. Having won it, my career is likely to jump the shark. Already, I feel compelled to move the blog to another city, add a cute kid, go on a vacation (Eidos visits London!), or grow in blogging by starting to say nice things about Tony Campolo. There is indeed no place to go but down from here. However, like Glaucon, when I go down I hope there is good company. Someday when the blogging gods, Hewitt and Warnock and Carter, are thinking about the bad old days of blogging when anyone could write a blog and everyone was doing so I hope they remember me and say, “At least he never blogged any of his own poetry.” Tip a glass and think of me. I would like to thank all the people who got me here: To my parents, who made it possible for me to enter text by providing me with hands. To my wife, Hope, who sometimes lets me use my laptop to blog in bed. Greater love hath no wife than that she allows a Dell in her bedroom. To my son Ian who often brings me a glass of Diet Coke. To my daughter Jane, Scruffy the Bunny to all, who does cute things when the well of my inspiration becomes the desert of my discontent. To my son Lewis Dayton who will only be impressed when Stephen Lawhead reads my blog and so keeps me humble. To my daughter Mary Kate who looks at me and then kindly says, “It is more important to be beautiful on the inside than the outside.” To Phillip Johnson for allowing me to steal all the ideas on this blog. (I see from the flashing pint of bitter that my time is up, but just a few more please! No. Really!) To Frank Pastore, just because it allows me to show I know someone who is not a geek. To J.P. Moreland who brought me to Biola and Disneyland. Finally to Paul Spears and Fred Sanders. . . you know guys friends are friends forever, but I won the Warnie! But the greatest thanks must go to Hugh Hewitt, my guiding blog guide. Like Beatrice was to Dante (only a guy, not an Italian, still alive, a Republican, and not so beautiful), he acts as the inspiration for so many of us in Christian blogging. Beatrice inspired the Divine Comedy. Hewitt inspires, well, this blog. Make of it what you will, but I lift this Warnie in the air right now and say, “This Warnie is for you, Hugh.” So to the members of the Warnock Academy, I accept this award. My Anglophilia, a disease long raging, only grows. Thank you England. God save the Queen and God save Mr. Warnock from another speech such as mine.(All kidding aside: this was really a thrill. I am thankful and hope I can help the Cause of God blogging in any possible way. Thank you, Mr. Warnock! My wife now thinks I may not just be wasting my time.)

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