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Angels and Demons

This Dan Brown book is a prequel to the other one. You know. The one that has been on the best seller list for almost as long as the made up scholarship in it has existed.At least we know one thing: either Brown is now a better writer or he got a better editor for the Famous Book. Angels and Demons has few of the strengths and all of the weaknesses of its younger relation. It has all the two-dimensional characters from the famous book plus even more stereotyping! Italians behave like Italians! Women are props, except when Brown is carefully showing that they are not props. Brown tells even bigger howlers about the Roman Catholic Church in this one. For example, it is pivotal to his plot that Darwinism and “science” be bothermose to Rome. One supposes Brown has paid no attention to the history of science and the repudiation of the “warfare” metaphor for Church-science history on which his book depends, but confusing the Vatican with ICR is just too much. It is as serious a blunder as thinking Republicans are just like Democrats, because they are both American poltical parties. The prequel also has even more improbable events and plot holes.Having said all of that, Brown is fun to read in a beach book sort of way. The pages turn with little mental effort. One even supposes that pretending in the forward that the stuff he is making up is true is also good for sales. However, the sad reality is that some people take his fiction seriously. That is too bad. He hates the Roman Church and he is willing to tell lies in order to make his point. Such hatred is sad to watch.

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