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Another Silly Media Line

My second favorite media line today (next to Sullivanism: this pope is about to crush all dissent) is:This Pope picked the name Benedict as a sign of moderation.Somehow media types find “moderation” in the career of Benedict XV. This makes one wonder: was he a closet gay rights activist? But no, Benedict worked for “peace” in the First World War. From that liberals and lazy people at CNN find moderation. Benedict XV saw Europe about to commit cultural suicide in a useless war. He tried (and failed) to end it. What is liberal about that? Benedict hated communism. He wa a traditional pre-Vatican II pope who would make Benedict XVI look like a “moderate” (whatever that means) on key issues today. Can anyone imagine Benedict XV discussing women priests and gay marriage in 1914? KEY FACT:(Source, New Catholic Dictionary)

Benedict promulgated the new Code of Canon Law, established the Coptic College at Rome, enlarged the foreign mission field, and in his first Encyclical condemned errors in modern philosophical systems.

Nothing like a “moderate” who condemns modern philosophical systems just like Benedict XVI has been doing. What kind of facile analysis is CNN doing when even a simple look through my home office turns up the fact that Benedict XV thought modern philosophy, liberalism really, had brought on the horrors he faced as pope?What is most foolish about this is that the “big Benedict” is Saint Benedict, the founder of Western monastic rules. Our Orthodox Church has an Order of Saint Benedict. He is that major a figure to Western Christians. He helped civilize Europe after the fall of the Roman Empire. He was a missionary and evangelist.Just maybe that is the Benedict referred to by the new Pope. . . but in any case there has never been a “moderate” Pope Benedict unless one is in the Pius-was-so-bad that every Pope not named Pius must be moderate school.Simple fact: the media thought John Paul II would be moderate because of his name choice and because he was from Poland. “He would know how to work with communists.”Right.Remember: the media so deeply wants a liberal social libertine Pope that it will take any sign as positive. When Benedict XVI does not set up the Inquisition in the next two days, you will also hear that called a “sign of moderation.” Just sigh and change the channel.Benedict XVI is an older man with a long, long paper trail of his own work. He is conservative and a traditional Catholic. This will not change because CNN has a take on a papacy they did not know about (Benedict XV) until they googled it this afternoon.

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