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Blog: “I wonder if he’s even heard that there’s a 100 percent pro-life candidate who actually believes ‘No King But King Jesus!'”I refuse to vote for Kerry by voting for anyone but Bush. I imagine that I love the values of most people voting to the right of Bush. I just think they are wrong in a very harmful way.Here is my response to the third party insanity that I wrote for the California governor’s race, now modified for the race for President:What was a Tsarist to do?It had to be living hell to be a traditionalist in Russia in 1917. The only viable people to lead the national government were all socialists. Russia was losing a war to Germany and a great many people wanted to sell the country out literally giving a huge swath of land to the enemy. An Orthodox Christian must have been in torment. The choices seemed so bad.Alexander Kerensky was the titular leader of the central government. He was a tiresome man with inflated notions of his own rhetorical powers, but he was at least a patriot willing to fight the Germans. He also had a soft spot for tradition, trying to save the lives of at least the women in the Imperial family. He favored economic policies that were destructive and dangerous, but he did not even dream of building a gulag archipelago.Much more attractive to traditionalists was General Kornilov. He favored the death penalty for treason on the front lines. He looked much more the traditional leader of Orthodox Russia. The problem was that he lacked any support in the country side. Of course, there was also Lenin. Shipped back to Russia in a sealed train by the Germans, this monster waited to seize power and unleash the Red Terror. However, Lenin lacked the strength to seize power.Too many traditionalists decided to put their money on Kornilov. Instead of supporting Kerensky, the one man with a chance to preserve something of Old Russia, they went for victory when victory was impossible. Kornilov and his coup fizzled, but in the panic Kerensky armed Lenin’s bully boys. Lenin never looked back, seized the cities, and instituted a regime that would kill uncounted millions. The churches would be closed and priests sent to camps. The royal family would be butchered in a basement in Siberia. Someone should have considered the fact that colorless social democracy was better than Lenin. Helping Kornilov gave Lenin power. One need not have died on the barricades for Kerensky, an unworthy man for the supreme sacrifice. A good man could have told Kornilov to keep his troops in the barracks and waited for a better time.Compromise is sometimes called the language of the devil. Good people despise politicians, because they seem ready to compromise for personal gain and power. If that is not the devil’s work, then nothing is. For that kind of Judas, one need have not sympathy.However, there is a second kind of compromise that is a form of sacrifice. A man can sacrifice a cherished belief today in order to save another belief. He can give up his own life in order to save the life of another. He can allow a man he dislikes to triumph so that a worse man will not destroy all he holds dear. He can weep and put down his weapons so that his sons can live to fight another day. This is not the path of the weak man, but of the strong. It is sometimes harder to do nothing to allow for a hopeful future, then to die.Pride is the diction of the devil. It is the tone of the unbending, inflexible self-righteous. It dares to say that every battle should be turned into Armageddon. Pride refuses to accept that victory sometimes comes in small steps.Defeat to a worthy foe can be preferable to destruction by an evil one. The proud man cannot hear this. He will allow great evil to avoid appearing to soil his hands. My grandfather described this attitude well when he said, “There are some people so straight, they lean a little.”These men who will not bend are like the Russian tsarists in exile. Slowly growing older in Paris and other great cities of Europe while battling for control of irrelevant factions. Fighting amongst each other, splitting and splitting again to avoid compromise with anyone. Engaging in ever more obscure arguments about who lost Russia while becoming less and less relevant to the actual men and women of the dying Soviet Union. This is sad, not noble. Better to have had some power for good, even as a loyal opposition, in a Russia controlled by social democrats. Better not to have become so straight that they went mad.There is a time for the last charge and the noble defeat. When backed into a corner, with freedom on the line, when there is no better amongst two evils, then it is time to make a stand so brave that it contains in itself the seeds of rebirth. The blood of the martyrs is the seed of the church. But that time has not come when one can find a way to be left alone, to retreat tactically, to gather strength to fight another day. If one can get something, without personal compromise, then that something is worth getting. Some people see the time for last stands in every election and so doom their cause to the fringes. A lunatic cannot achieve nobility. Refusing to fight for the moment is not agreeing to never fight again.Conservative Christians must decide soon whether they have reached the final conflict. If total victory is impossible, then have we reached the time when total defeat is the only option? One need not die for Kerensky in order to stop giving guns to Kornilov. Is it possible to keep from hurting Kerensky to avoid aiding Lenin? That is the right question for conservatives in convention in a bleeding America.The best news is that George Bush is a great man and an evangelical. He is not perfect. He makes mistakes, like most of us. But this God-protected man was the first to ever nationally get a bill signed out lawing some abortions. He wants to defend marriage and the traditional home. He is the most conservative man who can be President in America today. This Rushmore leader, this God-fearing man of conviction, deserves our vote. He is better than his party and he deserves our support. Perhaps certain conservatives believe they know someone better, but that someone has no chance of winning the states needed to act. Christians must act like men of virtue and stop allowing the perfect to be the foe of the good. If you do not agree with me that Bush is great and very good, then you should still vote for him. He is the best you will ever get.Do what the Russian traditionalists should have done. Toast the Tsar with a glass of your favorite vodka in private, but vote and work to save your nation. A true patriot with imperfections is infinitely better than the Boston Alcibiades who will betray his country in exchange for power. Sacrifice a little today, but be secure that tomorrow will come. If conservative values are true, then reality will vindicate conservative America. With confidence in our convictions, we can compromise, turn our weapons on the real foe, and take them up again in a better day.

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