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Boston Globe / Ideas / Science wars / News / Boston Globe / Ideas / Science wars: “Many of the cases of science politicized singled out by the Union of Concerned Scientists seem motivated by an attempt to appease ‘traditional values’ voters. But the scientists’ case against Bush involves more than just prohibitions on research based on religious or moral objections. It also involves matters of scientific fact. As the history of ‘creation science’ in America shows, Christian conservatives have their own views on many scientific matters and even, in some cases, their own cadre of PhDs to advocate these positions. Antiabortion Christian conservatives tend to argue, for example, that so-called ‘adult’ stem cells can replace embryonic ones for scientific purposes and that abortion causes breast cancer and other negative health outcomes for women. (The latter notion was even temporarily suggested by a National Cancer Institute fact sheet, thanks to advocacy from Rep. Chris Smith of New Jersey and other antiabortion members of Congress.) Although a few scientists who are also Christians support such claims, the nation’s broader scientific community has resoundingly rejected them.”enEvidently Christians in a field cannot be trusted. Their professional opinions are tainted by religion. On the other hand, the secularist majority in the academy, misusing science and education to push their lifestyle choices and political agenda, can be trusted. Secular science is neutral. Ever more frantically these folk, insulated from most of America, cry out,”Smart people vote for us! We are the future! Did we remind you that we are smart?”It appears Democrats believe most Kerry voters were grad students at the University of Ohio and not inner city voters exploited by these effete elite for their own benefit. Hispanic and African-American voters might take notice. They don’t care about you, they care about a good vegan meal for the caf at the local State U.Of course this is all nonsense. Secularism is a dying ideology propped up in the educational world by socialism. Government money keeps ideas that would never survive in the market place of ideas going. Most professors, and teachers, have never had to survive competition. They moved from school to school, the only difference is that they now get paid to go to school, where they used to pay. They go to meetings where everyone agrees that Kerry should have won and the teacher’s lounges of our government schools reward any mention of Republican ideas with ridicule. Government school educators are some of the dimmest professionals in the country. Most of college professors are aging radicals or their disciples hired to as much for political purity as anything else. Conservative and religious ideas are hardly discussed, except in those professions, such as philosophy, where brilliant counter-culture thinkers (like Al Plantinga) have forced change.Here is my question: why should Alabama pay for a state school system hostile to her values? Why can’t Alabama or any other red state end up with a school that represents the will of the people who pay the bills? They can and soon they will. The cries of the over-wine-and-cheesed will not suffice to keep reason and real education from Americans. Meanwhile Christian parents should vote with their kids and withdraw them from Blue-schools at every level. Biola proves a great education can come with Red-state values.

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