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No Left Turns Archive: “BaylorÂ’s interim presidentBaylor has an interim president, William D. Underwood. Some arenÂ’t sure this is good for Baylor 2012, about which IÂ’ve blogged here, here, here, and here. You can read news reports here and here.HereÂ’s an account of a debate between Underwood and Provost David Lyle Jeffrey, a strong supporter of Baylor 2012. LetÂ’s just say that neither seems to have convinced his opponent to rethink his position.Update: One of the perils of being the man of the hour at Baylor, as Underwood now is, is that articles like this one can be written. It seems that he sent his children to and financially supported this program, sponsored by Planned Parenthood of Central Texas and co-sponsored by his church, which is affiliated with the liberal Cooperative Baptist Fellowship. I wouldnÂ’t as the leader of a Christian institution want to have to defend the book, ItÂ’s Perfectly Normal, that was sent home with the kids. For criticisms of the book, go here and here. UnderwoodÂ’s response to all this is to say that ‘he is aware of the book but hadnÂ’t examined it or used it with his children.’ I donÂ’t read everything that comes home with my kids, but I think I would have taken a look at a book that (a) discussed human sexuality and (b) was at the center of a heated controversy. Not that it matters, but Underwood loses points with me here. I could have respected a straightforward defense of his familyÂ’s privacy or even (for its honesty) an endorsement of the bookÂ’s content. But an evasion? Come on! “If true, this news is of serious concern to traditional Christians. Of course this should be investigated first, but the charges seem credible enough to raise concerns. Friends of Baylor need to ask some hard questions.

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