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Seriously, Homer?

Every year our freshmen begin their college education reading Homer’s Iliad. And every year our freshmen stumble upon the same sophisticated “insights” about the ancient poem. They posit that Homer, or some poet before him, able neither to explain nor to master the wine-dark sea,

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Annie Dillard on a Total Eclipse

Annie Dillard’s essay “Total Eclipse,” from the book Teaching a Stone to Talk, is a bit of a stunt. The February 26, 1979 solar eclipse lasted less than two minutes, and Dillard turns her Pulitzer-prize-winning prose loose on it for about 20 pages. If you’re

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Anybody out there interested?

Does any publisher out there want a book?Does anyone want to read the rest of this story? Chapter One: Messages Wind. Blowing, tearing wind was the main memory he had of the Dream. He called it the Dream, because it came so often and was

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Mark Roberts Misses the Point on the Revised NIV “But at this point some of my readers are no doubt thinking: ‘Come on, Mark. Get a hold of yourself! Isn’t this whole inclusive language thing just a matter of selling out to political correctness? And isn’t the whole shift in language that you

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A Splenda Bible Translation!

markdroberts.comDr. Roberts continues his helpful (and on the whole) excellent series on Bible translation.However, I find his case for relevant language change almost totally unpersuasive. Of course, English changes, but standard English changes very, very slowly. The kind of English that a good translator will

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Heaven In Her Eye

Milton famously describes Eve as having “heaven in her eye.”As a young adult, I loved that line, because it seemed such a perfect description of the beloved when I found her. She would have heaven in her eye. Her gaze would promise paradise in the

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The Most Intelligent Comment Ever on Left Behind

the evangelical outpost: Who Gets Left Behind?: “Larry’s comments bring up another are of Christian media: MusicUntil about ten years ago, the music produced by the Christian community was prozac for the saved. The whole hosanna thing freaked me out as a musician.Then as the

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Left Behind is O.K.

the evangelical outpost: “But what do the millions of books and products represent? Does it reveal an interest in eschatology among non-believers or just a hunger for Tom Clancy-style thrillers with churchgoers? Is the dispensational theology inherent in the novels representative of evangelicalism or does

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Angels and Demons

This Dan Brown book is a prequel to the other one. You know. The one that has been on the best seller list for almost as long as the made up scholarship in it has existed.At least we know one thing: either Brown is now

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I wish. . .

I wish I did not think that the must-read for January was Blog.I wish I did not think that any business leader that does not read it is a fool.I wish. . . well I wish that every University leader would get a copy. I

Essay / Education Books: Ulysses (Vintage International) Books: Ulysses (Vintage International)This book was one of the first of the gnostic cult of literature sold by smut. Homer packaged profound truth in a way even a drunken lord deep in his wine could understand. Shakespeare was great and understandable to the masses,

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New America Foundation : article -1564- "Churchill for Dummies"

New America Foundation : article -1564- “Churchill for Dummies”: “Churchill for Dummies”This article is a brilliant example of modern academic Jew-baiting. Note the coy reference to Strauss, one of the great thinkers of the last century, as a Jew. Note the paragraph on “foreign” leaders