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A Letter to My Freshmen

To My Freshmen: Okay, so that may be premature. We’ve only just met, after all. Five months ago you were a sea of undifferentiated faces only loosely attached to names (but great names—names like Bustos and Magness, Tonti and Duarte, Mendelson, Zilka, and Van Vlear).

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Mostly Right, Partly Wrong

The first 2011 issue of The Examined Life from Wheatstone Academy is online now, and it includes several things that Scriptorium readers are likely to be interested in. John Mark Reynolds has a piece about what he learned from Plato’s Phaedrus (and, as he says,

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In memoriam: A.M. (Donald) Allchin

A.M. Allchin’s is one of those names that you run across all the time, in many different contexts, and you ask yourself: who is this man? As it turns out, Allchin was quite a man and he appears to have known most of the biggest

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Remembering 2010

‘My theme is memory, that winged host that soared about me one grey morning of war-time. ‘These memories, which are my life – for we possess nothing certainly except the past – were always with me. Like the pigeons of St. Mark’s, they were everywhere,

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Huck Finn, Only Huckier

Today was the funeral of a friend of mine who died last week. I worked with him in the 1980’s at a canoe rental in Missouri. His name was Mark, and it’s no insult to say that he was an odd bird. I’m not going


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Christmas Playlists

For several years, my wife and I have had a tradition of sharing our favorite Christmas music with friends. It started as actual mix tapes in the mid 90s, but has been CDs since then. We have a pretty good collection of Christmas music, and

FW Robertson

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F.W. Robertson’s Life and Death

F.W. Robertson (1816-1853) was the kind of preacher people spoke of in superlatives: Charles Dickens reportedly said that “he was one of the greatest masters of elocution I ever knew. To hear Robertson read the church prayers was in itself a liberal education.” He was

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Handley Moule was Very Cool

H. C. G. (that’s Handley Carr Glyn) Moule was born in 1841 and died on May 8, 1920. He served as the Bishop of Durham from 1901-1920. He was an acute scholar and a powerful communicator. He wrote great Bible commentaries, an outline of Christian

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Prayer for the Class of 2010

(Here is a prayer I said for the graduates of the Torrey Honors Institute at today’s commencement) Father God, We bring these graduates before you today and we present them to you. We do not present them for your inspection, because we know you have

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A Perspective on Judgement

The other day I was driving home, and I experienced someone with road rage—me. A car cut me off in what could only be described as an audition for a job as stunt driver in the next Jerry Bruckheimer movie (e.g. see this clip). As

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12 Things to Do Now that You’re Graduating

I’ve been teaching in the Torrey Honors Institute for four years now, and nearly all of the students I have mentored over that time will be graduating in a few weeks. I still remember sitting in a circle of desks in the McNally buildings with

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Ambrose Read Silently

Today (April 4) is the day when Ambrose of Milan died in 397. Ambrose is one of the biggest names in the history of the early church, one of the traditional “Four Doctors of the Western Church.” He was the bishop of Milan when Augustine