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Trinitarian Litany: Hide Me

From pride’s self-circled center which Requires a crowd that can applaud Each word of mine, each move and twitch, Deliver me, O Father God! From sloth’s complacent settling in, Remaining still when called to run, Entangled and beset by sin, Deliver me, O risen Son!

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Found Poem: Wrong Way — Right Way

Wrong Way — Right Way Air An Invitation A Paycheck Hell Sinners All The World What Death Is Rejecting Ignoring A Stopped Watch All-Seeing “Be Ye Ready” Heaven No Savior Substitute An Anchor My Glasses Dark Glasses A Grade Book A Love Letter Mosquito Bites

Essay / Literature

Three Reasons to Write Out Your Ideas Now

Three authors who knew a lot more when they were older, but were glad they had written their books when they were younger: John Wesley: “Nay, I know not that I can write a better on The Circumcision of the Heart than I did five and

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Sleep Talkin’ Theologian 3: “Like a Light Beam In A Hallway.”

Installment 3 of 4 in this series of transcripts of my sleep-talking adventures from the late 90s. No, I cannot explain most of these. *** Something about a surgeon Getting ready to cut something out of someone [who?] Part of the time it was me.

Essay / Misc.

Sleep Talkin’ Theologian: “How Long Will Ye Linger Between Two Cabinets?”

There’s a man in England, Adam Lennard, who talks in his sleep. He speaks very clearly, says truly bizarre things, and is recorded by his wife’s voice-activated digital recorder. His wife has begun blogging his nightly oracles, and their blog is suddenly the Next Big

Essay / Culture

A Terrible Little Stroll with C.S. Lewis

Who, I ask you, wouldn’t enjoy taking a walk around the Oxford countryside with C.S. Lewis? Surely, no matter what you wanted to talk about, that many-sided man, that generous soul and omnivorous reader would be able to engage you in illuminating conversation. Surely. But

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Epiphany (T.S. Eliot on the Magi)

A wonderful poem to ponder today on Epiphany: The Journey of the Magi “A cold coming we had of it, Just the worst time of the year For a journey, and such a long journey: The was deep and the weather sharp, The very dead

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Palindrome Day

January 2, 2010, was an important date: If you write it in mm/dd/yyyy format, it’s 01/02/2010, which is the same sequence of numbers forwards or backwards: 01022010. A numerical palindrome. Who would notice something like this, or care? Plenty of people found it interesting. Because

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Bringing One Another Along – A Wedding Homily for Jane and Alex Elmore

This wedding homily was delivered at St. Anne’s Anglican Church in Oceanside, CA on June 26, 2009. Jane and Alex were students of mine in the Torrey Honors Institute at Biola University and I had the privilege of performing, along with Jane’s father, their wedding

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Faculty Wise Words

I wrote the following last month for Biola University’s weekly newspaper The Chimes. Perhaps it has something to say to readers of Scriptorium as well: Anyone who knows me knows that I like monks. Actually, I really like monks. I know a few monks (and