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A Marathon through Plato

I am live blogging the intellectual high point of the year. Today Al Geier of the University of Rochester is leading thirty-some Torrey students in a slow read through Plato’s Timaeus. We opened in prayer, giving our discussion over to the Divine Logos who guides

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This Present Folly

A major difference between most thoughtful atheists and most thoughtful theists is that almost no theist thinks all his foes are stupid. Now of course there are thoughtless theists that think all atheists are “fools” by wrenching Scripture out of context. (The fool of Scripture

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Can a Christian love the dialectic?

I am a Christian and not just any kind of Christian, but the most robust kind: a Christian who believes the creeds are true and that the Bible is infallible. I don’t think much of modernity and tradition seems a better guide to behavior than

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Never forget.

Never vote for any candidate more upset on a daily basis with Bush than Bin Laden.

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On Opposing Tyrants

Athens, the world’s first experiment in democracy, was eventually overtaken by the tyranny of Philip and Alexander of Macedonia. One man, Demosthenes, argued for his entire political life for a concentrated assault on Philip. He was sometimes heard and sometimes ignored. In his otherwise excellent

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Life goes on without 'vital' DNA

Life goes on without ‘vital’ DNA: “It is not often that the audience at a scientific meeting gasps in amazement during a talk. But that is what happened recently when researchers revealed that they had deleted huge chunks of the genome of mice without it

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Joshua Claybourn's Domain: Plato v Aristotle, part II

Joshua Claybourn’s Domain: Plato v Aristotle, part II: “I would note that Dr. Reynolds is only able to make the arguments he does by focusing on the first half of the Timaeus. They’re quite reasonable if one is willing to accept an argument based on

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the evangelical outpost

the evangelical outpost: “The Evangelical reason: Because Platonic idealism cannot be reconciled with Biblical Christianity.”I eagerly await this argument. This seems unlikely on its face. I suspect we are about to get a misunderstanding of Plato, but I hope not since I like these guys

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Spiritualism and ID

Look under articles for some reflections of spiritualism and intelligent design.

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Seeking For Thyself or Following the Logos

I am at a meeting in Dallas, Texas where very thoughtful Christians are dealing with issues related to religion and science. Led by one of California’s brightest citizens, Phillip E. Johnson of UC Berkeley. Too often the stereotype of thoughtful Christians is that they are