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When You Say You’re Not Voting

This election season, a lot of responsible people can be heard saying things like “I simply have no candidate,” or “I may not even vote.” And it’s more than just the usual laments that are always partly for comic effect (my favorites are “if God

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Post-Obergefell Politics

Image by Ted Eytan from Washington, DC, USA. The Supreme Court’s nationalization of same-sex marriage this summer in Obergefell v. Hodges leaves Christians with a lot of work to do—at almost every level. Most of the work isn’t new, but the cultural landmark that Obergefell represents

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Watch “The Cost of Freedom”

The video for “The Cost of Freedom” event is now available. Cornel West and Robert George joined Rick Warren at Biola University for a discussion about disagreement, common ground, and justice. West and George are good friends, yet disagree on important issues.  There is a lively

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The Cost of Freedom – Robert George, Cornel West, and Rick Warren

 April 30, 2015 7:30 pm Biola University Buy tickets or register for the livestream. How can societies preserve freedom for all people when we are beset by serious and substantial disagreements over what shape freedom should take?  What kinds of virtues do we need as

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ISIS As Religion

Graeme Wood’s article, “What ISIS Really Wants”, published in the March edition of The Atlantic is an immensely helpful article, taking us into the world and mindset of the Islamic State. Graeme’s basic thesis states that Westerners have consistently misunderstood the true basis and aims

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No Suspense: Justice Scalia and Gay Marriage

My guess is that Antonin Scalia has newfound sympathy for Terry Lee Collins, that hapless anti-hero of the 2001 crime caper, Bandits. Chagrined at the predictable shenanigans of his co-conspirators, Terry carps, “You know the hardest thing about being smart? I always pretty much know

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Charles Coulombe on "The Decline and Fall of the Anglo Empire"

Mr. Coulombe’s latest offering on Taki’s Magazine takes as its starting point the recent bill signed into law by our “undead” governor and moves on to explore a more fundamental issue about illegal immigration: the culture of “self-indulgence and sloth” espoused by the Anglo elite.

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Royal Duty: The King Behind the Speech

St. Joseph, spouse of the Virgin Mary and Foster-Father of Christ, has always fascinated me. He comes on the scene, plays his role, and then is never mentioned again in the gospel narratives. He is a man who is called to do one task, difficult,


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Constantine at the Milvian Bridge

Today (October 28) is the day in the year 312 that Constantine defeated his rival Maxentius at Pons Milvia, the Milvian Bridge outside of Rome. This decisive victory (in which Maxentius himself drowned in the Tiber) put Constantine on the path to consolidating Roman power

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Winston Churchill on George Washington and Abraham Lincoln

America has been blessed many times throughout its history with remarkable leaders. Winston Churchill, who many know as the Prime Minster of Great Britain during WWII, was keenly interested in American history. He was interested in American history partly because his mother was an American,

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It seems appropriate on July 4th Weekend to take a look at the document that resulted in a holiday filled with fireworks, pool parties, and barbecues that citizens of the United States have come to know and love. When I was growing up, Independence Day

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Archbishop Demetrios on Obama as Alexander the Great

March 25 is a significant day for many Greek Orthodox Christians, since on this date two big events are remembered, one which has universal significance for all of Christendom, and the other which more specifically has an impact on the Greek nation and people. On