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Opie rebels against Andy

Opie Leaves Home: The Debate as Sit ComSadly, we saw what happened to Opie tonight. He grew up, went to college, and forgot all the home town values he learned in Mayberry. He became a trial lawyer and took fifty percent of poor people’s money

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Uncle Tony Award

Yes, it is once again Uncle Tony time.This week we shall be giving out an “Uncle Tony” award to those evangelical who manage to get in the highly anticipated, though a bit over due, “Look! Not all evangelicasl are conservatives!” story. The main stream media

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Hewitt Symposium Continues

Kerry’s fear of nuclear weapons as opposed to “conventional” weapons is either irrational or motivated by an implicit pacifism.Bombs kill people and it does not matter to the people being killed whether they die from a “conventional” or nuclear weapon. Small nuclear weapons are in

Essay / Politics “My symposium questions: Did Kerry blunder in denouncing nuclear bunker busters? If so, why? If so, how great the damage to his candidacy?”Hewitt is leading a virtual symposium (sadly no flute girls, but Kerry is our very own Alcibiades!) on this question. I am

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On Being Religious in a Secular Society

In his introduction his Spinoza’s Critique of Religion, Leo Strauss points out that liberal democracy can be good for the traditional religions (in his case Judaism) only if it allows for a clear distinction between the public and the private. Discrimination in public is forbidden.

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Geek Spin

Geek spin:Some people spend all their time watching and thinking about politics. I watched the debate on TIVO, because I was spending a great class talking about Timaeus. What a delight my students are! But that is the point. People spinning the debate actually watched

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Eyore in Debate of His Life

Don’t trust the pundits who see Kerry as “wise” and the “best debater.” Tonight Kerry was Eyore. In the gloom and doom, he so clearly sees, Eyore runs hard to be President of the Hundred Acre Country. It is evening in Iraq. We are losing.

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Blog: “I wonder if he’s even heard that there’s a 100 percent pro-life candidate who actually believes ‘No King But King Jesus!’”I refuse to vote for Kerry by voting for anyone but Bush. I imagine that I love the values of most people voting to

Essay / Politics “Finally, marketer, Al Mohler, and JohnMarkReynolds are all mixing it up in the public square this week. “Thanks to Hewitt (with Frank Pastore the best of talk radio today) for the nod.Let me question one feature of the Mark Roberts commentary on the Church

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Thoughtful Response

I got this thoughtful disagreement (amongst other emails) today:”Your logic is flawed. By it, Cardinal Egan should have invided Hitler so we could ‘hear his views.’”I reply:I do not think we should invite Kerry to “hear his views” for the purpose of learning something. However,

Essay / Politics “The Al Smith Dinner has been a welcome respite from the necessarily knock-down nature of modern politics. It has been about humor.”Hewitt is right. It appears the Roman Church, tired of catching flack on the right for general theological incoherence, has decided not to

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Never forget.

Never vote for any candidate more upset on a daily basis with Bush than Bin Laden.