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The Party of Dean

Dean will soon be party chairman, so the wise ones say. On the other hand, these same folk had Dean as a lock for the presidential nomination and then Gore endorsed him. Dean should keep away from Gore for the next few weeks. Far away.

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Our Pro-Life President

Has anyone noticed that Bush places being pro-life in terms of a philosophy? He actually paints a world view picture that is not merely anti-abortion, but for all human life. His world view and his rhetoric come together to give him options to be for

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Quick Hit on the State of the Union

1. Bush has become very comfortable being President. He looks presidential and he understands the powers and limits of the job.2. Bush is swinging for Rushmore. If the second term is scandal free, then he may make it. If we win the peace in Iraq

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Speaking Evangelistically

Get a group of pastors into a room and a strange thing happens. They begin to tell a story and the size of the congregation begins to grow. As people nod more and more, the story gets better as the sermon grows ever more anointed

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Democrats to make Dean look like Harrison Ford!

MSNBC – Arizona brushes up logo of outdated birdThe old Cardinal logo was a roundhead bird derisively referred to as a “parakeet.” The new version has decidedly more evil eyes and a menacing expression.This is good news for Cardinals fans. A team does not need

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Dayton Flees Washington: Afraid Rice is Very Angry With Him

MSNBC – Democrats blast Iraq war policy in Rice debate“I don’t like impugning anyone’s integrity, but I really don’t like being lied to,” Dayton said, “Repeatedly, flagrantly, intentionally.”Once again my sources in Washington were able to bring us further details on this story.Mark Dayton was

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Is the USA doomed?

Times Online – CommentBut for many decades America’s share of the world’s economic output has been in decline. Think of a see-saw. America at one end is now easily outweighed by any substantial grouping at the other, and most of those powers are on friendly

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"No Proof Rasputin Evil!" Boxer claims. Russian Revolution a mistake!

MSNBC – Rice, Democrats duel over Iraq strategySen. Barbara Boxer, D-Calif., confronted Rice with her own words to argue that as Bush’s national security adviser, she had contradicted herself on Saddam’s weapons capabilities.”You sent them [U.S. troops] in there because of weapons of mass destruction.

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U.S. Conducting Secret Missions Inside Iran

Yahoo! News – Report: U.S. Conducting Secret Missions Inside Iran: “The United States has been conducting secret reconnaissance missions inside Iran to help identify potential nuclear, chemical and missile targets, The New Yorker magazine reported Sunday.”One can only hope that this is true. Something must

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Whitewasher- The Dan Rather Report

Hugh Hewitt says: On the other hand, it’s not like anyone really believes Rather. More like the collective embarrassment for him will operate to let him fade away with a shred of dignity –a dignity he does not deserve. There is an old-boy network at

Essay / Politics – Politics – Newt Gingrich Considers Presidential Run – Politics – Newt Gingrich Considers Presidential Run: “‘Anything seems possible,’ including a White House race, Gingrich told the Associated Press.”Anything may be possible, but somethings are not very likely. It is not likely Elvis is really at your local 7/11. It is not

Essay / Culture – Politics – Poll Shows Support for Abortion Rights – Politics – Poll Shows Support for Abortion Rights: “The poll found that 59 percent say Bush should choose a nominee who would uphold the 1973 Roe v. Wade (search) decision that legalized abortion. About three in 10, 31 percent, said they want a