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Bush Wins

Bush wins.Thanks be to God.Dear Libertine Republican Friend,Look at the gay marriage vote. It carried in state after state. In a difficult election, evangelicals won the race for Bush. Bush ran behind our issues. Our states by themselves are enough to win a presidential election.

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Osama to America: Defeat Bush

Osama to America: Defeat Bush: “Osama to America: Defeat Bush”

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Look boys and girls! You can print out this post and take it with you to the polls! Use it to convince friends who cannot read an entire normal overly long Reynolds post!Card Size Guide for Voting:I will vote for Bush because:1. He wants to

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Here we go. . .

I am not a political expert. I don’t play one on television.The fun of a blog is that you get to opine. I think Bush will win. I have listed the states. Nothing in the news today changes my mind. For the good of our

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Professors oppose Bush 'theology' –

Professors oppose Bush ‘theology’ –: “The statement of beliefs, called ‘Confessing Christ in a World of Violence,’ criticizes Bush’s use of scripture in a speech on the first anniversary of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks. Bush described the hope offered by America by saying, ‘…

Essay / Politics – "God is not a republican. Or a Democrat." – “God is not a republican. Or a Democrat.”: ” Add your name to “Life Does Not End at Birth”, a statement that reminds politicians, church leaders and the media that we are called to vote for candidates based on the full range of

Essay / Politics – U.S. & World – Afghan Candidates Vow to Boycott Results – U.S. & World – Afghan Candidates Vow to Boycott Results: “Millions of ethnically diverse Afghan voters crammed polling stations for an election aimed at bringing peace and prosperity to a country nearly ruined by more than two decades of war.”We are winning. Once

Essay / Politics “The new subject: ‘What do Kerry’s answers to today’s press inquiries tell us about Kerry’s worldview and character?’”The key to Kerry’s worldview was found in his worst debate answer yesterday. Kerry decided he would be a president that believes in science. He consistently described

Essay / Politics “Lebanon? What does Kerry Mean by Lebanon?’”Kerry was the elite kid who was running out of money. Other rich kids were not letting him join in any of their rich kid games. He was too proud to work and too gentle to steal. So

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Debate as Theater

Five reasons Bush won the debate:1. Kerry is a good podium speaker. He shifts left/right very well. However, there was no podium tonight which made his arm motions look robotic. I do both kinds of speaking and Bush is good at town halls. Kerry is

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MSNBC – How would Jesus vote?

MSNBC – How would Jesus vote?: “Conservative pastors such as Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson ‘would have us believe that morality is all about where you stand on abortion, how you treat homosexuals. I think that is simply wrong,’ said John D. Moyers, senior fellow

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David Frum's Diary on National Review Online

David Frum’s Diary on National Review Online: “The economic sanctions against Iraq had begun to disintegrate as early as 1996. By 1999, they were well on the way to disappearing altogether. As soon as they did so, Saddam Hussein intended to reconstitute his weapons of