Essay / Literature

Boethius and the Consolation of Philosophy

The last of the Romans, the first of the medievals—Boethius bridges the gap with his classic work, The Consolation of Philosophy. Join Dr. John Mark Reynolds and Dr. Fred Sanders, of the Torrey Honors Institute, as they discuss the method of Lady Philosophy’s consolation and

Essay / Culture

Reflections on the Revolutions of Change

In light of the discussions and rhetoric surrounding Election 2008, John Mark Reynolds, Paul Spears, and Fred Sanders discuss Edmund Burke, his political philosophy which supported change but not revolution, his ability to capture the imagination of the younger generation, and the implications of these

Essay / Culture

Victor Davis Hanson: The Election in a Classical Context

On October 8, 2008, Victor Davis Hanson spoke at Biola University about the issues facing our modern nation, and the lessons we can learn from the classical tradition. This event was sponsored by the Biola Marines Club, the Torrey Honors Institute, the Christian Apologetics Department,

Essay / Culture

The Bloodless, White Martyrdom

In light of the recent court decision John Mark Reynolds, Fred Sanders, and Paul Spears discuss the current state of marriage in the U.S. and the philosophical and moral ramifications of culturally acceptable variations on traditional marriage commitments, and what it takes to have a

Essay / Literature

"Where have you been? Where are you going?"

One of the most important Plato dialogues not included in the Torrey curriculum, the Phaedrus covers “everything under the sun.” Paul Spears and Fred Sanders join John Mark Reynolds in a Middlebrow discussion about the significance of the dialogue’s setting, virtual reality, and other important

Essay / Culture

An Active Rest

As the restful days of summer conclude and are eclipsed by the inauguration of a new school year, John Mark Reynolds, Fred Sanders, and Paul Spears reflect upon the importance and nature of play. Different from idleness–which is recognized as the devil’s playground–leisure not only

Essay / Philosophy

How People Perish for Lack of Knowledge

This week’s Middlebrow features the first of eight lectures off of the CD set “Knowledge of Christ in Today’s World” by Dallas Willard. The entire CD set can be purchased by following the link below. Middlebrow wishes to thank Dallas Willard, JP Moreland, and Eidos