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Fixing Everything

There are a lot of messes in the world (poverty, disease, oil spills, etc.) and a lot of different ways to try to clean them up. How should Christians think about this process? Whose responsibility is this job of “fixing everything”? Join Dr. John Mark

Essay / Politics

Rush Limbaugh, Conservative Leader?

Rush Limbaugh has taken center stage as America’s conservative thought leader and figurehead. Many conservatives are happy with Rush as their thought leader, but is Rush’s current role as the figurehead and thought leader of the conservative movement the one he is best at and

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Reflections on the Revolutions of Change

In light of the discussions and rhetoric surrounding Election 2008, John Mark Reynolds, Paul Spears, and Fred Sanders discuss Edmund Burke, his political philosophy which supported change but not revolution, his ability to capture the imagination of the younger generation, and the implications of these

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Victor Davis Hanson: Thucydides

On October 8th, Victor Davis Hanson spoke at Biola University on Thucydides: Understanding the Pellopenessian War and the principles which translate from a study of this ancient Greek historian to the modern political-cultural sphere. This event was sponsored by the Biola Marines Club and the

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Victor Davis Hanson: The Election in a Classical Context

On October 8, 2008, Victor Davis Hanson spoke at Biola University about the issues facing our modern nation, and the lessons we can learn from the classical tradition. This event was sponsored by the Biola Marines Club, the Torrey Honors Institute, the Christian Apologetics Department,

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Election '08 and the Godblogosphere Impact: Scott Ott and La Shawn Barber

This special session at GodblogCon 2008 includes a brief overview of the political landscape and the Godblogger’s role therein from each of the moderators. The floor was then opened for conversation among all in attendance with special topical consideration being given to the ’08 election.

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Why Heart Huckabee?

Mike Huckabee hit a home-run at his recent appearance before his Focus on the Family friendly audience. Huckabee is appealing to many in socially conservatives circles, but does he have what it takes to unite the party and lead the Republicans to a victory against

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Mahmoud Ahmadinejad Goes to Columbia

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s recent visit to Columbia University has sparked both reactions of appreciation and disgust from pundits across the media. While many have debated the political cost of his visit, questions about whether or not it was meritorious for Columbia to invite Ahmadinejad for educational