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Christmas is a Time for Family

Like most people I know, I have some very special Christmas memories, and many of them revolve around presents: the treasure-hunt gift that culminated in my first basketball, wrapped and hidden in a garbage can, or the tiny little present hidden on the tree itself

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Work(s) of the Spirit

Here is a great sentence from Basil of Caesarea’s fourth-century treatise On the Holy Spirit: Through the Holy Spirit comes our restoration to Paradise, our ascension to the Kingdom of heaven, our adoption as God’s sons, our freedom to call God our Father, our becoming

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The Future of Protestantism: Event Video

We’re delighted to bring to you the video of the conversation we hosted on The Future of Protestantism. The event was held at Biola University and was co-sponsored by the Torrey Honors Institute and our friends at the Davenant Trust and First Things, and featured

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Hell is, and always has been, a difficult subject to think about well. God is love – how do Christians get hell from that? Is hell a matter of choice? Punishment? Discipline? Reformation? Are any of those helpful tools to lead Christians to a more

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Buddhism Repackaged: More Thoughts On The "New New Age"

This podcast continues last week’s discussion on the “visualization” trend in modern spiritual circles. How did “pop religion” develop such a following, and how can the Church avoid its nicely packaged seductions? Why are so many people convinced that they are transmission towers for positive

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Oprah-Style Religion: Choosing The Truth Over "The Secret"

One of the most popular trends in modern spirituality is the “visualization” approach, which claims that health, wealth, and happiness are only a positive thought away. These principles seem harmless, perhaps even beneficial for everyday life–but are there dangers below the surface? What’s in store

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Flourishing in Singleness

In an overly-sexualized society in which about 97% of people will be married at some point, how should a Christian (and the church in general) think about the devout single life, in comparison to the devout married life? What does a whole and meaningful life

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Merry Christmas from Middlebrow!

Grab a cup of egg nog, seat yourself comfortably in front of the fire, and join John Mark Reynolds, Paul Spears and their special guest Dr. Charlie Chuck Chuckleman, a professor from the School for Seminary Preaching located at an undisclosed location on the East

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With All the Stuffing and Feathers…

Reflecting on the upcoming holiday, The Middlebrow team discusses the value and purpose of Thanksgiving with a special guest, the Rev. Canon Dale Owen Th.D., of, who expresses cynicism about the object of gratitude on Thanksgiving and instead advocates the celebration of Self. Click

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The Bloodless, White Martyrdom

In light of the recent court decision John Mark Reynolds, Fred Sanders, and Paul Spears discuss the current state of marriage in the U.S. and the philosophical and moral ramifications of culturally acceptable variations on traditional marriage commitments, and what it takes to have a

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How People Perish for Lack of Knowledge

This week’s Middlebrow features the first of eight lectures off of the CD set “Knowledge of Christ in Today’s World” by Dallas Willard. The entire CD set can be purchased by following the link below. Middlebrow wishes to thank Dallas Willard, JP Moreland, and Eidos