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Dennis Kinlaw and Christ-Like Love

Last week during Holy Week, God called home one of his followers, Dennis Kinlaw (June 26, 1922—Monday, April 10). (Read the announcement here.) During the 1970’s and 80’s, Dr. Kinlaw served as the president of Asbury College,  a Christian liberal arts school with roots in

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The Triune God: A Video Study

If you’d like to hear –nay, see— my lectures on The Triune God (Zondervan, 2016), then here’s some good news: we recorded them. Professionally produced, the brand new Video Study (also called The Triune God) features 2 hours and 35 minutes of me talking through

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Father and Son at the Cross

This is my last post in a series of theological preparations for Easter. The first post was about God experiencing death on the cross, and the second was about the two natures of Christ. I’m not trying to clutter up your Holy Week with theology

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How the Real Word Really Became Real Flesh

I’m no Bible Answer Man or anything, but I get a lot of questions around Easter time. How can God be unchanging if the Son became Jesus? What happened to the Trinity while the Son was dead? How could God the Father and God the

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God Died on the Cross

You may be looking for an earlier article with the same title. In the days leading up to Good Friday, I’m going to post a few theological answers to questions I get every year around this time. The answers will be unblushingly doctrinal, so prepare

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Thoughts on the “Benedict Option” – A Lament

For years Rod Dreher (senior editor at The American Conservative) has been writing about his “Benedict Option.” Now his book of the same title has finally appeared. To be honest, I have not been convinced by his articles addressing the Benedict Option and his book

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New Essay, New Word

The new issue of the Journal of the Evangelical Theological Society is out, and it’s got plenty of Trinitarian theology in it. Don’t miss Scott Swain’s article on the Bible and the Trinity, and Gerald McDermott’s piece on the Trinity and world religions. It’s also

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Grashop’s Bible Chart

I just came across this fascinating chart by T. Grashop. It’s printed in the front of the Geneva Bible, and it diagrams, using a tree of subdivisions, the way to read the Bible. There are seven steps, and they start as far back as “earnestly…pray

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Deep Things of God, Second Edition

My 2010 book The Deep Things of God: How the Trinity Changes Everything, is coming out in a second edition in April 2017. Why? Because while the first edition has found a home in classrooms as well as churches, it contained a few obstacles that

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Retrieving Eternal Generation

Scott Swain and I recently turned in the manuscript for a book called Retrieving Eternal Generation. It’s a collection of fifteen essays that we hope will go a long way toward securing Trinitarian theology’s classic form for contemporary theological work. The last few decades have

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The Distinct God of the Book of Job

Robert Sokolowski has said that The Christian God is presented as being so transcendent to the world that he could be, in undiminished goodness and greatness, even if the world were not. The Christian God can be distinguished from the world in this radical way.

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No More Theology Journals (Troeltsch 1900)

Ernst Troeltsch (1865-1923) was an influential German theologian, whose life project was to work out the logic of the historical sciences in the sphere of Christianity and culture. In his own theological work, he did not think that a thorough historicism would leave any room