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CBS News: Will it embrace the future? “When CBS rolls out its new news product, it will be the first real test of whether network news is as clueless as, say, the leadership of the Los Angeles Times or whether they have really figured out what is going on among news consumers.”Evening news used to be the way to determine what was news. In a world of information, CBS (at least in our house) decided what was important. We did not have many choices.I cannot remember the last time my first recourse for news was the networks. That is true of most folk who have access to the net.However, blogs and other new media still cannot match the resources and power of the networks to report news that is not available to the general public.I would suggest that CBS dispense with the talking head telling us what the news is. . . since we can watch CNN, FOX, or one of the other networks if we want that kind of thing. Instead, they should try to break one actual story a week and give the reporter time to develop that story over the next four nights. This would be the longest segment of the show.Much of the rest of the twenty-two minutes or so of time could consist of rapid “blog style” bullet opinions from a diverse range of bloggers/blogger types from the “main stories” of the day as determined by the news discussions on the net and by a representative sample of bloggers (ranging from far right to far left bell curve style. . . determined the weight by the last Presidential election vote).Imagine a set with no “center desk” but a “tour guide” for information. Rotate these tour guides amongst media savvy bloggers. (Hugh!)”Story: Democrats block an up or down vote on the President’s judicial nominees.” The host could then give a short summary of the Democrat take on the issue and the President’s take.”See for details. Now Instapundit and DailyKos with a quick take.”For stories generated from the net that were not “two sided”. . . such as a quick hit on a film use blog reviewers (a rotating pool) not in the pay of studios. Get their quick takes.Simulcast over the net and let the stories contain interactive links to the sites mentioned (this would include commercials). Have a system like technorati that lists the links to the stories on all over the blogosphere.Basically, CBS.News could serve as a place where trustworthy smart people, leaders of their respective movements, point to resources that are already out there. The show would be a one stop shop for what is happening now. It would also do what only a network can do. . . create news and inflict the comfortable with tough reporting.The cable news networks can do the standard news show.The other two networks can cater to the web impaired.CBSNEWS has a chance to own the future.

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