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Change the Story!

The story coming out of the South has been an international disgrace to our beloved nation. In this “once upon a time,” the bad guys are winning. The malcontents and the whiners are telling the tale and harming our nation. There are three responses possible for an American. We can tire of all the bad news and go do something else. Bad news is unpleasant and Americans react to unpleasant news like a Victorian lady to a bad smell. Ignore it and perhaps it will go away. We can feel sorry and watch more bad news. Like most moderns we can confuse watching television with doing something. We can blog about it until we reach personal catharsis without attacking. The alternative is to act. Some are close enough to volunteer. All of us can pray. Most of us can give. Or we can act by tearing about the already fragile social fabric of our nation. Instead of a big tent of people united by in a patriotic cause, we can cling to whatever tattered piece of our national conscience we think we can keep for “our side.” Some have decided to use this disaster to attack our President and our leaders. A time will come to reach measured judgments about the response to this disaster. Now is not that time. Information is too scarce. To rend at our leadership, state or national, at this moment will slow down relief, increase the probability of further problems, and solve nothing. It is the way of the pundit and not the hero. A few thugs have decided to profit from disaster. Some of these thugs roam the streets of the bleeding cities. Some sit in board rooms and meditate the profits they can make by gouging consumers. This is the way of the barbarian, whether in street clothes or a tie, and the only response from a civilized community is to reject such a path. We must rally around our President, the governors of the states impacted, and the leaders of the local communities involved. The brave soldiers in Iraq are fighting for America on foreign soil. We can fight for America at home. The result will be a stronger, more united, and more compassionate nation. A hungry child has no political party. Poverty does not make a man less a human being. Hurting parents have no race. We must extend God’s love to all. In this way Americans can show how healing can begin from a great tragedy. We have not begun well, but we can finish well.  We can change our direction and reach the “happily ever after.”Let’s make it happen. My suggestion is here.

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