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Cheer Up!

We are about to get good news in Iraq and North Korea! I have developed what I call the New York Times Rule.Here it is:

Just at the moment that the Times says a problem cannot be solved, then it is within ten months of being solved.

This particularly applies to dealing with communist dictatorships. If the Times thinks a dictatorship is here to stay, then it is doomed. See for example the Soviet Union. (“Bush must realize that the Soviet Union is here to stay. . . blah, blah, blah.”) Based on this rule of thumb, and a belief in the instability of personal dictatorships, I predict that North Korea will be a free nation within ten months.There is also the New York Times Solution Rule:

Just at the moment that the Times says that a problem is solved by a liberal solution, it will become obvious that the solution is a failure to everyone within ten months of the Times announcement.

Examples include the War on Poverty, affirmative action, and other liberal nostrums that everyone but the Times knew were failures when the Times was proclaiming their great success.

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