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Clinton Cannot Be President

Remember when people told you to forget that Kerry was:a. Liberalb. from New Englandc. a Senator.He was a Vietnam Vet! He was really a moderate! He was a great speaker! He could “light up a room.” Besides conservative pundit X (one you had not heard from since Ford) says that he could see Kerry winning!I told you to forget it. He could not carry a Southern State or one in the Appalachian region. This “West Virginia” test is key. If you cannot carry West Virginia, you cannot be President as a Democrat. Really.Now we are hearing that the new Hillary Clinton may win! She is moderate! She is improving!Here are the simple facts:a. She is from New York. This is the only state liked less than Massachusetts in the South. New York just means New York City to most of the region. New York means: crime, hatred of traditional values, and big city morals. That is not fair, but a wide spread perception.She will not carry a single Southern state. Her husband was from Arkansas. Hillary (!) is not and never was.b. She is a sitting senator. 1960. That is before I was born and that is the last time a sitting senator became President. Since then we have had such great candidates as Dole and Kerry run for the White House. Lately we have heard how many of the senators respect Hillary (!). That is a sign she is doomed. The skill set needed to make Lincoln Chafee like you is the same that will make Ohio hate you.The former First Lady is a terrible platform and television speaker. She makes Kerry look glib. Her voice is grating and nasal. She drones. She is not always terrible and this gets her gushing press, but she is always the sort of speaker that will drive Red-Staters mad. And she must capture some Red States.Clinton has a tin-ear for the Red States. One example?She uses her maiden name as a middle name. . .even on her web site. That will play well in West Virginia! There such a move is often seen a signal to other liberals that you are part of the progressive future that dislikes traditional marriage. Fair or not, that is the way it is.I would suggest that her foe run commerical after commerical calling her: Hillary Rodham Clinton.All those votes in the Senate? Rich fodder for commercials.c. Everyone knows she is a liberal. Kerry could sound patriotic, because the base knew he hated the military in his heart from his Vietnam protestor days. Clinton can sound moderate, because the Dem base knows she is a radical just like they are. The trouble is that everyone else knows she is a liberal. Clinton will never convince anyone pulling an actual voting lever she is a moderate. Smart people will keep confessing surprise at how moderate Hillary (!) actually is. Regular Red-staters will keep sighing at how easily duped talking heads are. We all know she is running for President and that she is voting with that in mind.Meanwhile as a woman she will frequently “over poll.” Many people will feel as if they should be willing to vote for Clinton who cannot stand her. Why? Opposing Clinton will “feel” like opposing a qualified female for President. You can anticipate many a story on whether America “is ready” for a woman president. This will imply to many that being against Clinton (!) is somehow wrong.But they will not vote for her, because Clinton is not likeable. She will never be President for the same reason that Newt Gingrich will never be president. When my wife sees both, the Fairest Flower says, “Turn the channel.”Finally, there is Bill. Anyone believe he is being good? His habits will become front page news again the minute She Who Must Be obeyed announces.When Kerry won the nomination, Republicans were forced to act scared. Of course they would have preferred Dean who could not carry much of New England if nominated, but Kerry was good in a pinch. Clinton is the same. Republicans know she cannot get the electoral votes to win.Watch for some of them to “act scared” in order to double-dog-dare the Dems to nominate a sure loser.Don’t believe me? Ask a friend, “Quick! A liberal senator from the North East will carry how many states Kerry lost?”See what he or she says.Take it to the bank: Clinton cannot win which is a fact that Dems will only admit when she loses.

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