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Credible Foes of Same Sex Marriage

In this debate over changing marriage our own side can often do more harm than good. That is not the case here where the traditional side makes a rational and articulate case. The other side gets their chance, but since we know their point of view (the secular media makes sure it is heard) the impact is much less. I also think the arguments of the radicals less effective.Frank Beckwith is a national treasure.This debate should also disabuse traditional Christians that there can long exist any half-way house called “evangelical feminism.” I have mentioned the scandel of the level of scholarship in the movement previously. The fact that it is taken seriously at some Christian colleges (though no place else) is also sad.”Evangelical feminist” groups consistently drift leftward as a reading of their material in chronological order on the web makes clear. The problem, as one of the speakers demonstrates neatly, is that feminism and traditional marriage just do not fit well together. While individual Christians may resist the logic of their own opinions, the next generation will not and does not. We do not have to guess at this for we have groups like the Anglicans to instruct us in the process. Traditional marriage and sexual ethics will soon be under constant pressure in feminist groups however evangelical they sound at the start.

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