Essay / Theology – Albert Mohler's Weblog – Albert Mohler’s Weblog: “Verhagen and Sauer pose the central question of their policy with clarity: ‘The question under consideration now is whether deliberate life-ending procedures are also acceptable for newborns and infants, despite the fact that these patients cannot express their own will. Or must infants with disorders associated with severe and sustained suffering be kept alive when their suffering cannot be adequately reduced?'”Excellent article by one of the web’s best theologian bloggers.The central question before the Netherlands is this: are babies only bodies, computers made out of mea, or Is there a soul connected to the body? If there is a soul, then suffering may not be meaningless. It might have a purpose. We are in no position to judge the amount of suffering or its purpose in a newborn. We did not give the newborn life and so cannot take it away. The divine purpose for the life of the newborn is unknown. Of course, modern doctors, practicing philosophy without credentials, think they know the answers to these questions. They have given answers different from those of the founders of the Dutch nation. They have given answers that until one hundred years ago must Western people would have found monstrous. The Netherlands has reduced humanity, and human suffering, to a calculation. In doing so they threaten to reduce all of us to ciphers in the hands of experts who will determine who is worthy of life and who merits death.Do I trust the doctors? No. I do not. I trust no institution, not even the Church, to give out death to the unspeaking innocent. It is a power not person or groups should have.

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