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Death of the Evil

No Christian can ever rejoice in the death of an evil man. Today part of the world mourns the death of a terrorist. We can mourn any death, but not celebrate the life of Yasser Arafat. As we are sinners, we pray for mercy on all sinners. As we are men, we must rebuke a life spent in the pursuit of personal power and murder.Too often Arab Christians are soft on the evils done by anyone who speaks up for their plight. Arab Christians are in a bad way. More should be done for them. We all support the desire for peace and freedom in the Middle East. The Holy Places in Israel should be kept open to pilgrims of all faiths.However, Israel is not the cause of Arab suffering. Israel does not make Arab leaders steal from their own people the billions of aid that the world gives them. Israel does not force Arab leaders in many nations to run abusive and oppressive governments. Israel does not force other Arab states to keep Arabs from Palestine living in hell hole camps. Israel does not force Arabs to deny their historic and ancient Christian heritage, hundreds of years older than Islam, to embrace the most fanatical version of Islam.Israel is not perfect, but in Israel Arabs vote, hold office, and have more freedom than they have in almost any Arab nation. Jordan is a good example. Would anyone prefer life in Jordan to Israel?Palestine is a small land area, but if there is room for all the people who live there, then there is room for them to live in peace and freedom.Yasser Arafat was no man of peace. He was not, by all accounts, even a good Moslem. In the end, the old terrorist seemed pathetic, obviously manipulated by the terrorists around him. The Arab world has a chance to move beyond him to real leaders not the puppets of wicked men.

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