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Debate as Theater

Five reasons Bush won the debate:1. Kerry is a good podium speaker. He shifts left/right very well. However, there was no podium tonight which made his arm motions look robotic. I do both kinds of speaking and Bush is good at town halls. Kerry is not.2. Kerry delights wonks everywhere. Watch Fox News where people proud of their degrees hang out after debates. They all love Kerry replies. He structures everything like a grad seminar. Contrary to . . . First this. . . Second that. . . Kerry is a MEGO. (My Eyes Glaze Over)Bush is a regular guy. He said the only funny things. If you say the only funny things on television, you win. Period. He sounded well informed, was alert, and seemed comfortable with being president. Kerry with his tall teeth (memories of the Happy Tooth posters of childhood) and stumbles at the end began to look like Count Chocula again. Does Botox sag under pressure? Kerry did not seem comfortable being human.3. Kerry uses a great many words. Words. Words. Words. And it felt like all his time. Only once (when he asked Gibson if he was done and should have quit) did Bush just keep talking. Kerry loves to hear himself talk. He would make a great blogger, but a bad president.4. Bush feels and thinks. Kerry thinks. We are still checking on a heart beat.5. Iraq was not a mistake. I don’t think most Americans who will bother to vote think it was a mistake. Who told Kerry to kill himself by taking Bush on this way? Bush asked for more time to win the war. I think Americans, even some not sure he was right to go to Iraq, will give it to him.Christians cannot vote for Kerry now. He will make us pay for abortions. He has elevated science as the only form of knowledge. Note that anyone who disagreed with his extreme culture of death views was assumed religious and religious knowledge was called belief. This allowed Kerry to say he would not “impose his beliefs” on us. Please. This is an incomprehensible position. Catholic theology may be wrong, but it is a knowledge tradition not a belief in the sense Kerry is using. The Pope did not whimsically decide one day abortion was murder. Kerry is not a serious man. Bush just defended a culture of life. He did not just say he was pro-life, he defended it. That will cost him votes, so Christians must give him theirs. He is one of us and to fail to vote for him will mean that Bush will be the last person to defend the pro-life cause from the White House.

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