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Debate Debacle

The empty suit of clothes whose head is filled by Michael Moore and who still thinks it is 1969 turned nasty tonight. He rumbled and mumbled through scores of factoids to convince people that Theresa’s John is a man of substance. Press him hard and this partisan will do anything, including attacking the family of your opponent.If you are a traditional Christian and you vote for John Kerry:You are voting to pay for abortions with your money.You are voting for Massachusetts judges being able to impose San Francisco values on Pennsylvania.You are voting for gay marriage. You are voting to kill babies to extend our own lives.You are voting to kill the innocent and save the guilty. John Kerry opposes the death penalty for murderers, including people who kill children. A vote for John Kerry would save the life of a murderer, but allow for partial birth abortion.John Kerry has tried to run and hide from his record.However, the facts and a real man paid a visit to Mr. Kerry tonight. Evangelicals now know that in the culture wars, John Kerry is a warrior for the other side.John Kerry did nothing in Senate for twenty years. . . getting one law passed in 20 years and 4 resolutions. Every four years (note the number) Kerry got something passed. He took a movie camera to Vietnam and has spent his life making every decision hearing “Hail to the Chief” in the background. He has never done a days work, not even political work, in his life except for a few months in Vietnam. There he appears to have done his one great deed and so he is trapped in 1969 reliving his one proud moment. It is his only moment of substance.If you are a traditional American you now know:John Kerry opposed the first Gulf War and the second Gulf War. John Kerry is more liberal than the nation of France on this subject.John Kerry wants to socialize medicine and give you the health care that produced the teeth of Great Britain.You are voting for a man who hates people who produce wealth. He wants to take money from the productive and give it to the unproductive.You are voting for a man who thinks the answer for the poor is bigger government.John Kerry has never seen a war that he could support without blue helmets in command. John Kerry is a creature of the United Nations. He is the most liberal senator from Massachusetts. If he is elected, he will socialize medicine.How nasty is the left?Try this experiment. Go to a liberal discussion board on the Internet. Be careful. You will have to turn off any filter on your computer. You will find profanity and gutter politics. Compare to the general tone of conservative discussion boards. You will know what motivates John Kerry, what is in his mind.John Kerry will say or do anything to be president. He will “out” a person’s daughter. He will lie about his record. He will talk and talk to cover up his record. Kerry is a good talker, Bush is a doer. John Kerry will shuffle and slide over his own life history in order to reach power. What does he want with it? He wants to raise taxes. That much we know for sure. He loves abortion and views his religion as a throw away to win votes.Americans will not vote for a dour and heartless man to be President.Up Date:A blogger who needs a good logic class has tried to claim that a vote for Kerry is not voting to pay for abortions with your own tax money. In some mysterious way, it is more complicated than that.Why? He makes a single point. Money goes to Planned Parenthood under Bush. Some of this money may allow Planned Parenthood to move other resources into the abortion business.Well, I am sorry about that and would vote to defund Planned Parenthood (a group mostly kept in chips by congressional Democrats), but the fact is that under federal law my money cannot be used to pay for abortions directly. Bad guys may get to do some things with my money I don’t like, but they don’t get to practice infanticide with it. My government may let them do their evil, but it does not officially endorse it with my money.There may be some benefit for abortion folks from all sorts of indirect Bush decisions. For all I know most abortionists have benefited from the Bush tax cuts. Only an evangelical leftist would fail to see that paying for thing officially and openly is a bit different.The fact is a simple one. John Kerry wants to pay for abortions directly using your money. You will be paying for murder. Your government will not be allowing abortion, it will be stamping it with official approval. How can you vote for that? The evangelical left is morally bankrupt. They will equate an unintended or indirect consequence with an intended one.

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