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Myth and New Media

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Christian GodBloggers have not been willing to take a tough, thoughtful position and defend it. As Christians, we need to be holistic in our thinking as we try to work through every aspect of life and understand how the goodness, truth, and beauty of Christianity offers an answer to the toughest questions we can conceive. We need to be willing to consider tough questions or we lose the advantage of writing unexpected opinion.

hewitt micBiola University and the Torrey Honors Institute sponsored this year’s GodBlogCon which brought together the best and brightest Christians in the new media and presented them with this challenge. The result was an amazing time of dialogue, fellowship, and idea generation for kingdom advancement.

Guests at this year’s GodBlogCon included Hugh Hewitt, Joe Carter, Mark D. Roberts, Jimmy Akin, Charmaine Yoest, La Shawn Barber, Dr. Andrew Jackson, James Kushiner, Melinda Penner, Dr. Allen McCulloch, John Schroeder, as well as Middlebrow’s own John Mark Reynolds, Fred Sanders, and Paul Spears. The conference included several plenary panels addressing the role of Godbloggers in the areas of politics and theology as well as several break-out sessions covering a range of topics from “Blogging as a winsome witness” to “Maximizing ministry through new media.” However, what made this conference so dynamic was its emphasis on fellowship within this community of bloggers.spears sanders

John Mark Reynolds pointed out that, no matter how far out technology advances, one constant that has survived every technological revolution is human nature – people don’t essentially change. While it is true that our way of communincating and interacting with one another may change to a degree, humanity itself will still pursue the same sorts of desires and ambitions that it always has whether it be for wealth, power, beauty, love, peace, justice, goodness, truth, etc… In short, humanity is still attempting to pursue some sort of myth that makes sense of what it means to be human and interact with the world.

New media is changing the means by which this myth is made known to the world, the avenue in which this tale is told. Currently this looks like “sages” shouting from mountaintops to their faithful followers below and occasionally sages shouting to other sages on other mountaintops with very little interaction between the camps of each mountaintop. Who will bring these camps together and how will this be facilitated?

As humanity seeks out the new media as a means through which it can find a myth worth living for, Christians need to be ready and able to engage this media so as to share the beautiful and true myth (story) of Christianity. Biola and Torrey believe that the first step in this process is a conference like this one which challenge and build Godbloggers in mind and character to understand the new media the boldy engage it well for the cause of Christ.

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