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Dumbest Media Argument

Eternal fame on this blog for anyone finding ten cases of the following insane claim:Benedict wants to “silence” his critics.What this means is that the new Pope does not want non-Catholic teaching proclaimed as Catholic doctrine. . . the Roman Church is not going to pay for its own destruction. What it sounds like it means, but does not, is that foes of the new Pope end up dead, in prison, or what is worse for an academic without tenure.Repeat after me: I am not being silenced if a group does not want to pay and applaud me for attacking its beliefs. In fact, critics of Rome such as the verbally-incontinent Hans Kung live comfortable, well-fed lives getting petted by leftists of all sorts. Having the new Pope hate you is a great way to get invited to swell parties in New York City and to get tenure at most schools. Supporting the Pope will lead to trouble at most “Catholic” colleges.Hans Kung does not get to spout his thought-of-the-week as Catholic teaching, but if that is persecution then my inablilty to be paid to represent the Democrat Party makes Howard Dean just as eager to “silence” his critics as Benedict.Will this quote ever appear in LA Times?”Hardline and controversial Howard Dean silences his critics on the right. Recently he refused to appoint any well known members of National Review to his advisory board. As KJ Lopez noted, ‘Dean refuses to hear from his critics. He threatens to reduce the party to those who agree with it.'”I found Andrew Sullivan so he does not count. Who will find the first ten advocates of Sullivanism?

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