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End of the Packer Era

I am reminded by Phillip E. Johnson, godfather of Right Thinking, that the Farve era is almost over in Green Bay. Yesterday proved it. It also proved that though Farve has better tools than Starr, he is not Bart Starr’s equal. Now Starr played on better all around teams, but he also saved his best games for big games. Look at his interception rate in the playoffs. The Starr Packers never lost a home playoff game. Don’t get me wrong: Farve is a hall-of-fame quarterback and the best of my football watching lifetime (I don’t remember Starr the player). However, he did not elevate his game the way Starr did in the Big Ones.So now the Pack is moving into the post-Farve era. If it is as long as the post-Starr era, we are in trouble!Question: why do Packer quarterbacks who are good have “perfect” names . . . a quarterback named Starr? Farve? (See their kicker Longwell.) On the other hand, their best quarterback from the losing years was named Dickey. No explanation provided. I rest my case.So if the Pack wants to win they need a prospect named “Cool” or “Touchdown” and need to pass on their backup “Nall” whose name sounds too much like “null.”

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