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Following and Sight: Lewis’ Retelling of “The Bacchae”

“‘Till We Have Faces” is not the only myth Lewis retold. In fact, he loved retelling myths. And while you may have noted the conspicuous presence of Bacchus at the end of Prince Caspian and the amazing feast that follows, you may not have caught some of

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Father and Son and a Usage Note

When Jesus’ disciples asked him for instruction in prayer, he told them to begin, “Our Father in heaven.” As the Heidelberg Catechism points out (questions 120 and 121), there’s a tension built in to that opening gambit: “Father” indicates that God is like us in

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R.A. Torrey and Karl Barth vs. the Ninety-Three

In the February 1918 issue of Biola’s magazine The King’s Business, editor-in-chief R. A. Torrey published a piece called “Evolution Discredited Again.” By 1918 it didn’t take much for Torrey to critique evolution: his science professors at Yale back in the 1870s had treated Darwinism as empirically

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A Wrinkle in Time Among the Great Books

Madeline L’Engle’s A Wrinkle in Time was published in 1962. A few years ago, several Torrey professors had a panel discussion about this strange book that had stayed in print for 50 years, finding new audiences all the time. Now that the Ava DuVernay-directed Disney

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The King’s Business, Feb 1918

Now that Biola’s magazine The King’s Business is all digitally available online (hurrah!), I’ve begun a leisurely reading program, going through the Bible Institute’s history on a 100-year delay. The magazine began in 1910, and by 1918 it was under R.A. Torrey’s editorial hand and was

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Achieving a Luminosity: Henry Ossawa Tanner’s Biblical Paintings

A few years ago I was looking for paintings to use as background images for a lecture. I wanted some biblical imagery that featured scenery over characters, added some beauty and atmosphere without taking over, and was all by one artist so that there weren’t

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Life in the Trinity (Fairbairn Review)

The Journal of Spiritual Formation and Soul Care has been going for ten years, and has recently become available as an academic journal through Sage Publications. If you’re not familiar with the journal, you should check it out, and if you’re in pastoral or spiritual

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Al Geier at Torrey: Learning in Leisure

One year out of college, I was invited to return to Biola to work for John Mark Reynolds, the founder and then director of the Torrey Honors Institute. One of the unquestionable highlights of the three years which followed have to do with certain memories and experiences

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Blessing of the Trinity (Sermon)

On Sunday Jan 28, I preached on Ephesians 1:3-14 at Tenth Presbyterian Church in Philadelphia. Tenth is a historic site for doctrinal and expository preaching, and I’m grateful to Pastor Liam Goligher for the invitation. It’s a 40-minute exposition of my love affair with Ephesians

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Christ Alone (Sermon)

Here is the video of a sermon I preached on Reformation Day 500 in Talbot Chapel at Biola. It’s got bacon, Reddit, semantic drift, a killer visual aid, some Bible thumping, karma, and the Trinity in it. It’s also about Ephesians.

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Incarnation: How Appropriate

For at least three reasons, it seems like there’s nothing less appropriate than for God to become incarnate: Divinity is infinite; but humanity is finite, and those two things don’t go together by nature. God is simple, not put together from constituent parts; but for

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Tozer’s Meditations on the Trinity

A friend recently gave me a copy of this new devotional book, Meditations on the Trinity: Beauty, Mystery, and Glory in the Life of God, by A.W. Tozer. A. W. Tozer (1897-1963) wrote a lot of books, but if you’re a fan, you’re probably thinking,