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Eusebius on Christ: “The Great Martyr”

Martyrdom Martyrdom is a matter of finding oneself caught between an absolute and unyielding monotheism on the one hand (15, 39, 100), and an absolute and demonic claim to the contrary on the other. It is where we find ourselves forced to confess God at

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But My Voice Has Gone Unheeded, Volume 7

I have this snarky little footnote on page 73 of my book The Triune God, that goes like this: I considered dialing back the Cassandra tone of this passage, but I ended up leaving it as you see it here. Does it sound too world-weary,

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The Triune God at ETS 2016

My book The Triune God (part of Zondervan’s New Studies in Dogmatics series) has an official release date of Dec 6, which is a few weeks after the annual meeting of the Evangelical Theological Society in mid-November. But here’s good news: Zondervan will have copies

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When You Say You’re Not Voting

This election season, a lot of responsible people can be heard saying things like “I simply have no candidate,” or “I may not even vote.” And it’s more than just the usual laments that are always partly for comic effect (my favorites are “if God

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Do I need a Job or Vocation?

    Do I Need a Job or a Vocation? Every year some untold numbers of students enter their senior year in colleges and universities across the nation. They’ve done it! They have successfully navigated the complexities of earning a bachelor’s degree in their chosen

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Back and Forth with Augustine and Aquinas on the Trinity

Here’s a free sentence for you, from chapter 4 of my soon-to-be-released book The Triune God: The most basic pedagogical decision to make in presenting the doctrine of the Trinity is whether to begin the exposition with the temporal missions and reason back from them to the eternal

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I Used to Suppress the Truth in Unrighteousness

When Paul wrote, in Romans 1:18, that people “suppress the truth in unrighteousness,” he described a remarkable, and remarkably universal, human habit. Everybody suppresses the truth in unrighteousness, and almost nobody knows they’re doing it while they’re doing it. You can hardly catch yourself in

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T&T Clark Companion to the Atonement

This week, I submitted the manuscript for the T&T Clark Companion to the Atonement, an edited work with 18 major chapters and 85 shorter essays from scholars around the world, exploring the doctrine of the atonement from a variety of angles. The various essays explore

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Life After Rahner’s Rule

Once upon a time, Karl Rahner wrote a phrase that launched a thousand theological ships: “The economic Trinity is the immanent Trinity and vice versa.” Those ten words (nine in German, where “vice versa” is just “umgekehrt”) provoked thousands of pages of discussion in the

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One, Holy, and Broken: Conflict In Christ’s Church

  A church I attended suffered the pangs of conflict, and unfortunately, this was nothing new in my experience. As my wife and I moved around the country for graduate studies and then different teaching positions, four of the six churches we attended suffered deeply

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Authority in Mentoring

  A concerned student recently asked me to use my authority over a friend of theirs (also a student and mentee of mine) to help get them on the right track, for this friend was involved in quite destructive behavior. As we were talking, I

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Misinterpretable Words

Here are some words and phrases I won’t use anymore, because they have entered into a dangerous zone of usage: They have an original meaning which has been partially supplanted by a new meaning: Belie Comprise Plethora Fulsome Presently Beg the question I love words,