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“Economic Form of Immanent X” (LOGOS Mobile Ed)

Last summer (pretty much exactly one year ago) there was a mostly-online discussion of the doctrine of the Trinity in evangelical circles. It was a fast-moving, multi-platform scuffle on many fronts. There was a lot of heat, and also a lot of light, and several

Frederick Manning Sanders (1918-1945)

On Memorial Day, I just spent a few minutes scratching together some information on my paternal grandfather, who was the first Fred Sanders in my family line. There are four of us in the series, but all with different middle names. I have a few

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Oneness Pentecostalism Article in Spanish

In 2006 I wrote an analysis of the movement known as Oneness Pentecostalism (sometimes called Apostolic or Jesus-Only), a form of non-Trinitarian teaching about Jesus. I wrote that article, and made it freely available on the web, because I consider Oneness teaching to be a

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I Will Set You Straight

Everything you think you know about the Trinity is wrong. It’s been wrong for a long, long time; centuries, actually. But what I am about to tell you will set you straight once and for all. I will show you mysteries you have not known.

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So Send I You

At the end of John’s Gospel, the risen Christ says to the disciples: “As the Father has sent me, even so I am sending you.” It’s such a stark statement that, when I get to preach on this text, I usually spend about half the

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“Why So Much Preaching Is Lost Among Us”

The Puritan Isaac Ambrose (1604-1664) wrote a large book called Looking Unto Jesus. If I call it a devotional book, you’ll simply need to upgrade your notion of what a devotional book could be, or the condition to which all devotional books should aspire. Ambrose

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A Few Writing Tips

Some tips on writing that I posted on a friend’s blog back in 2010, but which have gone missing from the internet since then. Lightly revised and updated, they still represent my best advice about the craft of writing. 1. Read for craft. Once you’ve

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Dennis Kinlaw and Christ-Like Love

Last week during Holy Week, God called home one of his followers, Dennis Kinlaw (June 26, 1922—Monday, April 10). (Read the announcement here.) During the 1970’s and 80’s, Dr. Kinlaw served as the president of Asbury College,  a Christian liberal arts school with roots in

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The Triune God: A Video Study

If you’d like to hear –nay, see— my lectures on The Triune God (Zondervan, 2016), then here’s some good news: we recorded them. Professionally produced, the brand new Video Study (also called The Triune God) features 2 hours and 35 minutes of me talking through

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Father and Son at the Cross

This is my last post in a series of theological preparations for Easter. The first post was about God experiencing death on the cross, and the second was about the two natures of Christ. I’m not trying to clutter up your Holy Week with theology

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How the Real Word Really Became Real Flesh

I’m no Bible Answer Man or anything, but I get a lot of questions around Easter time. How can God be unchanging if the Son became Jesus? What happened to the Trinity while the Son was dead? How could God the Father and God the

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God Died on the Cross

In the days leading up to Good Friday, I’m going to post a few theological answers to questions I get every year around this time. The answers will be unblushingly doctrinal, so prepare to put your thinking caps on. This little series isn’t mainly about