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The Hunting Grounds

A recent documentary, The Hunting Ground, explores the tragedy of sexual assault on university and college campuses across the nation. Directed by Oscar-nominated Kirby Dick, maker of The Invisible War, which discusses the epidemic of rape within the military, The Hunting Ground serves as Dick’s

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Black Lives Matter at Biola, 1957

I recently learned that the Bible Institute of Los Angeles, through its monthly magazine The King’s Business, took a stand against racial segregation in 1957. This 1957 broadcasting of Biola’s institutional position was neither so early as to be cutting-edge, nor so late as to be

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Sanctify Christ in Your Hearts (Sermon)

Here is video of a sermon I preached a few days ago at my home church, Grace Evangelical Free Church in La Mirada. It’s got all the usual stuff in it: medieval images, cartoon word balloons, Conan the Barbarian quotes, WWII stories, a Star Wars

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“Against You Only”

Why does David say to God, “against you only have I sinned,” when the occasion of his saying so (Psalm 51) is  the time “when Nathan the prophet went to him, after he had gone in to Bathsheba”? Perhaps David’s awareness of his sin against God

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Theology Conferences Part II of II: The Vices

In my first post, I sought to paint a constructive vision of academic conferences, but that is far from all there is to say—for a conference is a vice-saturated affair, and it’s worth knowing that ahead of time. One of the most superficial and natural

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It Should Go Without Saying

Theologian Karl Barth was teaching Christian doctrine in the University of Bonn in 1934 when the word went out that all civil servants had to take an oath of loyalty to Hitler. That is, not a pledge of allegiance to the flag; not a promise

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Theology Conferences Part I of II: A Brief How-To Guide

If you are interested in an academic career, welcome to the world of conferences. For all their weaknesses, these are one of the main heartbeats of the academy. Over two posts, I will do my best to pass along what I have learned, thus speeding

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The Flowering Crown

This post was featured on Biola’s Center for Christianity, Culture and the Arts’ Lent Project on Easter Sunday, March 27, 2016, and can also be found on Dr. Johnson’s website.  The crown of the thorns is a symbol of cruelty and oppression—but a poetic one.

Migliore on Charitable Theology

One of the professors who most impacted me over the course of my studies in theology was Daniel Migliore, Professor Emeritus of Theology at Princeton Theological Seminary. In fact, we even share a birthday, July 22—though he is my elder by some years. I found

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Nate Butler: Lecture on the Biola Christian Comics Collection

The Biola University Library is the home of the largest and most comprehensive archive of Christian comic books gathered anywhere. It is a deep, diverse, and unusual collection, which was established in 2015 when two major caches passed from private collections into the safekeeping of this

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The Chamber of Victory: Harry Potter and the Atonement, Part II

The Chamber of Secrets picks up where The Sorcerer’s Stone left off, continuing its provocative and creative exploration of salvation. There are angry demands for punishment (144; and the dismissal thereof (330)), an “heir” which will purge the school of unclean Mudblood filth (151, 224),